Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Everyone =)

Hello. It's had been a long long time that I dint update my blog. Sorry that I'm too busy and also LAZY. Anyway, have a nice day !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday to Me =)

4th of July *
The only day. The Great and Big Day for Me.
That's my Birthday! =)

How did I celebrate for My day?
It was very special compare to my 21st birthday on last year =P
I was having my home party celebration at my house for my birthday and I have invited all of my relatives and besties and of cause my dear family as well!
Between, My Dear Baby Nephew KaiKai is also one of the main Actor on that nite. HAHA ^0^
My Birthday Party Celebration was GREAT and BLAST! I'm enjoyed in all the times and I have also received many presents from ALL Of "You", Thanks Dearies =)
Thanks for my Aunties for the special secret recipe cake and lastly, Thanks a lot to my dear family whom help me to prepare for the party Especially My Mom and My KaiKai, Thank you very much Mama & KaiKai !! Muacks *love* I couldn't have a great birthday party if without u guys! Thanks a lot!
A great great nite that I have! Love u guys =)
Thanks for all the wishes from u guys too, From Sms, Calls & also FB :)

Here are all the photos :)

Other Progs:

Sunday Nite - Having Birthday Dinner with my dear family @ Kim Gary, Yummy~ A great dinner that I had on my Birthday. Cheers! =)

~ Heading to Genting after My Birthday Party with my Best Buddies. HAHA ^0^ ~

Btw, I'm also went for Library with my dear jimuis on Friday Night and also watching for the 2010 FIFA World Cup football match too. (Brazil Vs Netherlands) and OMG! Brazil Loss!!
And lastly, Congrats to Spain!! The Champion of 2010 FIFA World Cup ~~ !! =)

* Got Surprise from My Colleagues during Friday noon and they bought me a Secret Recipe cake too! Wua~~ Really a Big Surprise for me !! Thanks a lot guys! =) *

Anyway, I had my great Birthday Celebration for this year and I'm cherishing in all the moments!! Thank You!!

Happy Birthday 2 Me.
Wish all my dreams come true.
Thank You.


Next Station -* Bangkok Trip =)
I'm Cuming!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm back :P Such a long long time that I din't update my blog already, it seems almost 2 months more that I dint update. Due to my busy work and I can't online smoothly at home due to my pity Dell Laptop, I think "kena" virus seriously. Need Format T__T

What have I done in these 2 months +? Just Normal. Eat. Sleep. & the important one is I'm enjoy playing with my dear baby nephew kaikai always and in all the times, I'm always happy to be with him and he reli give me a lot of happiness. Thank you very much My KaiKai, Love u Muacks *love*!! Btw, I'm also celebrating some events. *Summarize* [Mother's & Father's Day . Brother's Birthday . Sister's Birthday . Friend's Birthday . Attended Cousin's Wedding . Friend's Farewell . Hangout. Shopping. Photo Shooting . etc] *arhh ~ one more important thing, I have started my hip hop learning class. I'm going with my dear Sister and My bro's gf, YngYng. We enjoyed learning that and it's reli a great exercise for us. Cheer! =) Anyway, I enjoyed all the moments!! =) All photos are in my Fb :)!/WeiKeeV

What's coming up? My Birthday on coming this Sunday & also My Dear Baby Nephew Yuan Kai 1 year old Birthday on coming this September! My KaiKai is almost 10 months now:) I'm so excited towards my KaiKai 1 year old Birthday more than mine Birthday! HAHA. We will be making a big birthday celebration for My Dear Nephew. I have thought some ideas for his birthday celebration too! *yeay* Waiting for the day to come =)

How about my Birthday? This year will be special than before that I'm going to open my mini house party. I was telling to my family and some of my friends that I'm a bit regret that my 21st Birthday dint celebrate at my house which I think is more better and they all are telling me why not to celebrate on this year as my 22th birthday. So I'm decided to make a birthday mini home party celebration this year. Thanks a lot to my dear family and friends! Muacks=)
Hope we will get a lot of fun on the coming nite!! ^.^

Here is My Cutie Baby KaiKai de Photo=)

BehGoh love u! Muacks KaiKai *love*

Will be continue.

Take care everyone :)


(p/s: Sorry for my broken english. Haha =P)

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Little Baby MYVI!! =)

Finally, I get my Baby MYVI after 3 months that I have ordered it means I made order b4 CNY. On 7th April Wednesday, I was rushing back home after finished my seminar and my dad was accompany me and heading to Maluri, Cheras to get my car. I was very excited while saw my car and because I’m still don’t dare to drive as I dint drove MYVI b4 so my dad just help me to drive back home. Yippee!!

And I’m just hugging My Dear Nephew KaiKai get into my car and play around when I reached home. He was so happy and keeps holding the starring and press horns. HAHA. NOTTY BOY.

I need to take care of my car as I dint really has my own car b4!

But, have to start loan my car. So T__T
Have a nice day everyone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just ..

I'm just so tired of every and everything
I'm just moody recently
I'm still unstable
I'm just useless
Life is complicated and reli nt easy for us
dont know what shud I do now
There r too many problems surrounding me
I reli dont know I can "tahan" till how long
I'm reli feel confusing sometimes
Dont know which way to go
I'm quite disappointed for somethings too
Just reli dont know what had happenned
What's goin on nw??
I've no idea..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 2010 Chinese New Year !!

I'm Happy with my 2010 CNY because I've taken many leaves and rest for quite many days after I started to work. I'm quite satisfied on it. Well, What I have done during this CNY? Is just eat, travel, hang out, back to my hometown and also Gamble =P=P.. And the first day of CNY was also Valentine's day.. Happy Valentine’s day.. =) =)

And the big happiness in this 2010 CNY for me & our family is having my dear cutie & notty nephew Baby Yuan Kai =) He brings lots of happiness and laughter for our big family =) We love him very very much ^^ Muacks Muacks ^^

Beh Gor Love u so much My Dear Nephew KaiKai =)
Hehe =D

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone !! Wish every1 all the best in the year of Tiger !!
And Let's The Pictures do the talking :) :)

And wish me luck 2 in tiger year ahead and hopes everything goes well & smooth =D
Happy Chinese New Year =D
~* Wei Kee *~
~* Qi Qi *~